How LabToWellness service works?

“Every customer is unique, therefore the process of developing the next generation wellness reports will be tailored for particular customer. Some customers have a very good vision for the reports and how they should be implemented. For the ones who are just starting, our experienced team can support already on the level of building the concepts of reports on top of the customers services all through to final implementation of the reports “ CEO of LabToWellness Indrek Kask

If the customer has an existing report that needs more beautiful design and/or is time consuming to personalise, LabToWellness team will take the existing report along with guidelines how to visualise and interpret test results and all the report contents and implement them to the IT-platform. LabToWellness also has some affiliated graphic designers who can provide a new design if necessary. Before release of the report to the customer extensive testing is performed.

If the customer has only an idea that they service could be improved if provided along with a beautiful and informative report, LabToWellness team can help from the very beginning of report development from the beginning.

Our customers may already have an active service, such as health check up, but they would like to build a better customer experience through improved consumer oriented reports supporting the existing service. LabToWellness team receives from customer list of tests, guidelines how to visualise and interpret test results inside the report and all the content to be displayed inside the report. Design of the report could also come from the customer or will be developed by LabToWellness affiliated graphic designers to match with the corporate identity and customer standards. LabToWellness team will implement the design, all the tests, interpretations and content to IT-platform, followed by extensive testing. 

Once the template (design + content) is inside the IT-platform the reports can be delivered as pdf files via manual input of the required raw data, upload of structured raw data or via integration with existing IT-systems. 

LabToWellness team can also support it's customers with:

  • delivery of content based on mining of well-respected health oriented internet sources
  • selection of proper laboratory tests (biochemical + genetic) 
  • give it's feedback to the template based on it's multi-year experience developing tens of reports

Next generation reports would be beneficial for wellness and health institutions delivering services directly to consumers - read more.