Lipid profile with risk calculations and personalised recommendations

Lipid profile consists of four laboratory tests (total, HDL and LDL cholesterol plus triglycerides) and is widely used for diagnostics and risk assessments. LabToWellness report demonstrates visualization options for lab tests and delivers interpretations in a form of risk calculations and offers personalized recommendations for healthier life.

The nine page report contains following sections:

  • Coverpage

  • About lipid profile. Static text about the tests taken plus short chapter with test results summary.

  • Analytical data. Contains answers for the patient questionnaire.

  • Laboratory tests. Graphically illustrated laboratory test results with easy-to-understand descriptions. 

  • Coronary heart disease risk assessment. Description about CVD and personal risk calculation based on Framingham calculator.

  • Dietary guidelines. Static introduction how diet influences the blood lipids and overall health and personalized straight-forward recommendations based on reported eating habits and total cholesterol/HDL ratio. 

  • Fitness guidelines. Personalized recommendations based on age, gender, BMI and previous exercise habits.

  • Smoking as one risk factor. Static text how smoking damages your health and list of not smoking or quitting benefits based on reported smoking status.

  • For healthcare professionals. Condensed table with all laboratory test results and relevant questionnaire answers. 

Report can be customized with corporate identity, additional recommendations, additional static or dynamic pages.

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