Key functionality of LabToWellness platform

Visualisation of laboratory tests

Both biochemistry and DNA test panels can contain tens of different individual tests which can be interpreted separately and/or combined into one meaningful outcome for the user. Test panels can be expanded to include questionnaires and functional tests such as blood pressure and weight measurements. Genetic tests may include multiple population-specific genetic markers.

Algorithm based interpretations

Standard normal values for blood tests can be fine-tuned based on age, sex  and answers to questions. Different blood tests can be combined and interpreted together using sophisticated customised algorithms. Tests in the genetic module can be interpreted based on combining markers, assigning scoring techniques or by using odds ratio based calculations. Interpretations can take into account environmental factors and questionnaires.

Personalised lifestyle and product recommendations

Personalized dietary, fitness and other wellness recommendations can be displayed based on laboratory results, answers to the questionnaire and/or functional test results.  Moreover, any combination of tests and questionnaires could trigger specific recommendations for lifestyle changes, dietary plans or specific products.

Visual intensive layouts

90% of information is received visually. That makes design and layout very important for delivering the message and making information understandable. Layouts for individual pages inside the report are created by designers hired by our customer or by LabToWellness associated design teams. Everything inside the report can be custom built – dynamic graphs, illustrations and texts can be added to as many pages in the report as needed. General concept of the report will match the corporate identity, already existing materials and exceed customer expectations.

Reports in multiple languages

Contents of the report can be in multiple languages. One can easily add additional languages later, including languages written in Asian, Arabic and other non-Latin characters. Users can give their customers the report in the languages most suitable even if they don’t speak it.

Distributor specific modifications

Distributors of particular services can modify the reports to carry their corporate identity. Contents of the reports can also be modified with distributor specific texts, recommendations and visuals. Users can assign multiple distributors for their panels, who then have access only to their specific content. They can modify the content of their panels, manage orders and download reports, increasing efficiency in the process.

LabToWellness team helps in setting up your new report. Please read here how it works?