LabToWellness core team

LabToWellness core team consist of six dedicated persons. Experienced developers with proven healthcare IT projects, experts from various clinical fields and designers are considered as a part of the expanded LabToWellness team. 

Silja Laht, PhD

R&D manager & Cofounder

Indrek Kask, MSc, MBA

CEO & Cofounder

Silja Laht is an experienced geneticist and bioinformatician, with extensive experience at biotechnology companies. She leads our team of developers and content creators at LabToWellness.

Indrek Kask has been in the genomic laboratory business for more than 12 years, in both an analytic and a business capacity. He has worked globally with health care institutions and DNA testing companies. He is working with key customers and managing long-term development of the company.

Kady Sild, MSc

Project manager, report development

Ave Ahelik, MSc

Project manager, report and content development, customer support

Kady Sild with a background in biomedicine is implementing customer designs and content to LabToWellness platform. Supporting the customers in daily use of the platform is an important role of Kady. She is also contributing actively to the development of new LabToWellness reports.

Ave is a geneticist with an extensive biochemistry laboratory experience. She has been working many years in one of the largest clinical laboratory in Estonia. She is responsible at LabToWellness for managing new report developments, customer support and is consulting the whole team on laboratory pracises. 

Maarja-Liis Kütt

Project manager, content and report development

Marge Laan

Project manager, report development

Maarja-Liis is a physitherapist from education and is currently finalising her masters degree in e-health technologies. She is actively  contributing to the development of new LabToWellness reports. Due to her background she is especialy responsible for the  development of upcoming sports and fitness line of reports. 

Marge has a medical technology background with a speciality on new e-health and digital medicine solutions.  Her role at LabToWellness is primiarily the development of new report templates.