LabToWellness as a partner in EU projects

The LabToWellness platform  is universal and can therefore be applied in various clinical areas as a tool to develop and disseminate consumer focused wellness reports to foster the preventative medicine activities through better engagement of patients with their health data.

The role of LabToWellness team in the project could be to develop and disseminate concepts of consumer/patient focused reports. Coordination of the development of the content for the reports to be worked out amongst the whole project team.  Implementation of all the beautiful visuals, algorithms and content to the templates of the reports. Finally the reporting platform carrying the newly developed reports could be implemented via integration to the partners IT systems.

Dissemination of the results is an essential part of the project, therefore the concept reports are very tangible outcomes of the projects to be presented for European Commission as well as for the general public.

Some of the topics of interests to LabToWellness are:

  • understanding health, aging and disease

  • health promotion and disease prevention

  • self-diagnosis with questionnaires

  • screening and prevention programs

Labtowellness genetic testing report

Expertise of LabToWellness team

Founders and managers of the company all have hands-on experience in clinical laboratory operations, development of the hospital IT-systems, user-intuitive design. Throughout the development of the reporting platform and implementation of hospitals, clinics, wellness companies the whole team has gained knowledge amongst others in following subjects:

  • selections of laboratory tests and interpretation of the results in context of various clinical features, implementation of risk calculations

  • development of genetic testing panels along with the interpretations, actionable recommendations

  • selection and implementation of actionable recommendations for consumers to improve their health and wellbeing

  • development of visualizations for laboratory tests, risk profiles, questionnaires and functional tests

  • implementation of the next generation patient oriented reports to the everyday practices of clinics

LabToWellness is interested to provide access to its technology and expertise to pan-European consortiums, acting as a full member of the team by contributing to the overall objectives of the project.