Personalised report based on blood analytics reveals practical advise about wellness, nutrition, and physical capabilities for active endurance athletes. Report has been developed by LabToWellness in close cooperation with 120 athletes and specialists. Report can be accessed through laboratories and specialised clinics.

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Who will benefit from the Train smart endurance service?

Train smart endurance is useful for endurance athletes of all ages, both men and women -  long-distance runners, cross-country skiers, cyclists, triathletes, rowers, swimmers etc. The panel best serves the needs of athletes exercising at least 4-5 times a week and compete once in a while, but it is applicable for endurance athletes at all levels

What are the key messages one can learn from the Train smart endurance service?

Train smart endurance provides a combination of useful input for a training process, including:

  • Discovery of endurance problem risks 
  • Discovery of bone fracture and muscle cramps risks 
  • Evaluation of the athlete’s current nutritional balance: 
    • adequate amount of energy from food, 
    • enough proteins and fluids, 
  • Evaluation of adequacy rest levels in between the workouts 
  • Evaluation of inflammation risks

The Train smart endurance report includes nutritional recommendations and energy calculations based on personal body parameters and training habits. The athlete will learn, what and in which amount to eat and drink before, during and after a workout.

How the Train smart endurance service differs from regular lab testing?

Regular laboratory test results are issued as numerical values and rarely interpreted in context for active athletes. If the athlete is interested in the meaning of these numbers in relation to his or her health, nutrition and physical capabilities, one has to pay an extra visit to the doctor for interpretation of the results. 

The Train smart endurancet service panel is optimized for endurance athletes and the results of these tests are explained thoroughly in the Train smart endurance report.

Do I need a medical professional to interpret the Train smart endurance results?

The Train smart endurance report is not meant to replace the work of a medical professional and assumes, that the general health of the athlete is good! There is no need to visit a medical professional to interpret the results, as these are already explained in the issued report.

If your test results are abnormal, the Train smart endurance report recommends you to visit your physician. For this reason, the Train smart endurance report includes an extra section with all of your blood test results and other important information for the physician.

How does Train smart endurance testing work?

Blood analysis has to be performed at the laboratory. Once the results are available they have to be inputed to LabToWellness IT-system.

The Train smart endurance results are delivered via the LabToWellness information system, which generates a thorough report based on personal test results, body parameters and information about training habits. The report will be sent to your e-mail (other delivery channels can also be used - printout, download etc.).

Do I have to repeat Train smart endurance testing and how frequently?

It is recommended to repeat Train smart endurance testing at least once a year in similar circumstances for comparable results. For example, if the first Train smart endurance test was done during a recovery period, the second test should also be carried out during recovery. 

If the athlete had abnormal test results or the exercise and competition schedule is intensive, it is recommended to repeat the Train smart endurance test more frequently: once in every three or four months. It allows better evaluation of the athlete’s preparation for intensive training and competition schedule, gives information about the recovery processes and shows the status of important minerals and vitamins for potential issues with nutrition.

More frequent Train smart endurance testing is also more effective for better detection of iron deficiency, anemia and overtraining, all typical health issues for endurance athletes. Correct evaluation of those risks can prevent the injuries. 

Train smart endurance reports provide comparative graphs for analysis of results over time. This is useful input for evaluation of training plans, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The test is limited to endurance sports (running, cycling, skiing, etc.) at the moment. If I am a regular gym person, so do I benefit from the testing?

The Train smart endurance report is designed for endurance athletes and it might not give conclusive answers to the strength or speed athletes. However, we have started development of the Train Smart report for a version to cover the needs of strength and speed athletes as well.