Who benefits from LabToWellness service?

Laboratories targeting consumers

Laboratories interested in innovating their services through personalisation of reports for their customers. Most laboratories are already offering test panels for health assessments. The LabToWellness platform can bring those services to the next level by delivering more content and visualisation. Consumers, whether medical professionals or end-users, can benefit from the additional information. Multiple languages and distributor-specific content supports international business development.

Wellness centres with health assessment services

Wellness centres, such as Spas working with customers interested in improving their health, can integrate the personalised biochemistry or genetic reports into their everyday work, and thereby deliver targeted recommendations tailored to their services and products. The attractive layouts can be made to match the high standards of the centres and thus satisfy the demanding customers.

Private clinics with occupational health and health checkup services

Private clinics, working with patients interested in health assessments, are able to build sophisticated panels of biochemical and genetic tests with well-grounded explanations and recommendations. Hospitals can benefit from the regular follow-up visits recommended in the health reports.

Genomic companies targeting consumers 

Genomics companies targeting consumers can deliver well-established panels, with useful action-plans based on genetic test results. Easily customised reports allow consumers to work simultaneously with international distributors. Management of multiple laboratories gives flexibility and control to businesses.

Medical device companies interested offering  extra interpretations 

Medical device companies targeting patients can build web-based customer-support applications with more sophisticated interpretations of the instrument readouts. Lifestyle and dietary recommendations can be delivered based on additional questionnaires, readouts of the instrument and other functional tests (such as blood pressure tests).