About Us

Our team has more than 8 years experience in delivering beautiful reports and supporting our customers long-term growth.

Team with complementary skills

LabToWellness is a team of wellness enthusiasts, scientists, designers and IT-engineers. We work passionately towards making the health and wellness information delivered from laboratories, clinics, pharmacies and wellness centers easier to understand and more engaging for patients and wellness oriented people.

LabToWellness team truly cares about its customers and is happy to be a part of joint longer journey. Open relationships with its customers allow LabToWellness to understand the actual challenges and tailor the solutions to match the needs.

Long-term relationships with customers

Focus on expertise and technology around patient reporting

We are seeking long-term relationships with our customers who can rely on us to be their partners on all things concerning presentation of information and automatisation of the related processes. The experience we have accumulated over the past 8 years from seeing what works and what does not, gives us in a unique advantage.

LabToWellness team is constantly working on improvements of designs for the reports. Content we write is especialy focusing on simplification of complext information. The database with test descriptrions, recommendations and ohter related information is constantly improving. Although already the current technological platform is very capable, our engineers are adding new features on a regulaar basis. We think long-term and are going to be a reliable, efficient, innovation driven partner for our customers.

Pipeline of innovations around design, content and technology