More than 1.500.000 patients all around the world have received beautiful and functional reports delivered from LabToWellness platform. Service providers - laboratories, clinics, pharmacies have pointed out various reasons how these new patient reports have supported their work

  • Patients appreciate visualised reports. 

  • Increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, referrals of the great service to friends and family.

  • Visually appealing patient reports are good for marketing materials.

  • LabToWellness reports allow unified customer experience across branches.

  • Personalised recommendations for associated services inside the reports increases revenue. 

  • Automatic generation of the health checkup reports reduces specialists time and they can spend the time talking to more patients. 

  • Well-structured and visual rich reports serve as a good tool for doctors during the consultation. 

  • Clients can monitor their test results over time with timeline graphs. 

LabToWellness team always works hard to support it's customers in overcoming the challenges. The design and content of the reports should help to solve problems, increase the business or just show that they care.

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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