Consumer friendly descriptions available from LabToWellness for more than 250 tests and analyses

LabToWellness team is building a database of patient friendly texts. The focus is to ensure patients understand the meaning of tests and examinations reported. Based on the feedback from our customers – laboratories, clinics and other wellness centers, their patients are always curious on what one or the other analysis actually is? Sometimes patients are referred to find info from laboratory manuals. These are mostly developed for professionals and might be challenging to understand for non-professionals. This is the reason why we recommend to include short easy-to-read test descriptions right inside the laboratory test results report.

Currently LabToWellness has texts available for 197 laboratory tests and for 67 other analyses. More will be added throughout the year.

During the setup of the service with a new clinic, laboratory, wellness center LabToWellness shares the texts and other content to be used inside the report. Professionals always have the possibility to make modifications to those texts if necessary.