LabToWellness COVID-19 antibody testing report with practical preventive reminders

Introduction to the COVID-19 antibody testing

In addition to the SARS-CoV-2 RNA test for early detection and diagnosis new tests measuring antibodies specific to this virus are actively being deployed all around the world. Your immune system produces antibodies to fight the infection. Antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2 appear within 7-14 days after the symptoms appear according to the current studies. There are many tests already available in hundreds of labs and health centers around the world. For some of them the health officials have given approval, but the accuracy of many tests still must be determined as well as the exact implications of the results. The current antibody tests cannot tell if you are immune to COVID-19, we do not know yet if and for how long these antibodies might protect you. Persons tested must be careful with interpreting the results and planning the next steps based on them. Testing however gives at least valuable information to bring the science forward.

Most antibody tests look for IgG antibodies which are usually the most abundant and stay in the blood for many months, often years. IgM class antibodies are the first to appear. IgA class antibodies are found in the mucous membranes of the lungs and sinuses and could be used to monitor the acute phase of the disease.

General concept of LabToWellness COVID-19 report

LabToWellness has developed a highly customizable report for COVID-19 antibody testing. We always consider that having the right background information presented in one place gives the users a better experience.

While developing the COVID-19 antibody testing report we wanted once again highlight for the users the need to be proactive and do as much as possible to contribute to the management of the outbreak. Sometimes a quick reminder of the proposed measures to prevent infecting further builds up the good habits.

Early detection of the disease is always key to better management and ensures better outcome. Therefore, we decided to list the most common symptoms of the virus. Of course, it is not the complete list, especially since the science evolves on daily basis. We are at LabToWellness committed to update the information in our reports as soon as something useful is published.

It has been shown that getting infected is not life threatening for most people, however for some the disease is going to be a danger. It is our obligation to make sure we will safeguard the persons in the risk groups. We decided to add as a reminder the list of risk factors so far determined to be associated with the severe cases.

Endless possibilities for report modifications

As with every other LabToWellness report the COVID-19 report is also highly customizable up until the point where LabToWellness design team develops a completely custom design.

Standard modifications include the possibility to visualize any test or multiple tests inside the report with beautiful graph, short test description and if applicable interpretation.

All standard content can be changed by the medical team or replaced with something different. Everything can be translated to multiple languages and reports issued depending on the language that the user of the reports feels at home.

Laboratory and health center specific design

The standard procedure at LabToWellness is to apply the general design for the report to make sure it will look and feel like an ambassador of the quality of the laboratory, wellness center or clinic that is offering the report for their patients/customers. Our development team will add logo, change the background and if applicable also the colors of the text’s elements.

Small section for doctors’ comments can be included for up to 300-character input. These notes can be carried over to the report via integration or manual input via LabToWellness platform. In case longer space is needed an extra page can be added.

Setting up the reporting

Once the report is customized issuing the patient report from LabToWellness platform takes only 3-5 seconds. For low volumes, the lab results can be inputted right to secure web based LabToWellness platform. Preferred way for volume customers is the use of easy-to-setup API based integration.

About LabToWellness

LabToWellness offers patient focused reporting as secure software as a service solution for laboratories, clinics, wellness centers, pharmacies. Any health and wellness information can be visualized, patient focused explanation and personalized recommendations added to the beautiful customer branded reports. Reports can be issued completely automatically within seconds via integrations or by using the secure web based LabToWellness platform. Laboratory test packages, health checkups, risk assessments, occupational health checkups, chronic disease management services have been supported with the next generation reports.

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