Special report pages for medical professionals

LabToWellness develops reports for patients and consumers, keeping the language as simple as possible and introducing easy-to-understand visuals. However, in all cases we recommend including a special report page that is designed for medical professionals.

Professionals usually have a very limited time to work through the data therefore LabToWellness proposes a very condensed version of the information with some optional graphical elements. The basic idea is that the deviations from the normal readings are immediately noticeable from a single page. If the professionals are interested to explore more, they can always open the patient pages and read more.

The professionals’ page, as every page template, is highly customisable. LabToWellness can add more info from various tests, examinations, measurements. Also interpret some of the information based on algorithms (such as risk calculations) and include questionnaire data in condensed format. In case there are more than one professional involved with the patient, there can be special pages for each professional, including only the content that is relevant for them. This helps them to grasp the patient information faster and avoid making errors.

Visual reports help to understand and analyse information in the most effective way.