Allergy laboratory testing reports for patients

LabToWellness has developed a new type of laboratory allergy testing reports for patients containing colorful visualisations, easy-to-understand explanations and personalised selection of most relevant content only.

Currently there are texts and visuals available for 92 different allergens and 11 groups (dust, pollen, food, venom, animal protein, microorganism, seafood, nut, milk, latex). Custom collections can easily be developed based on existing packages offered by laboratories/clinics.

The existing panels available from LabToWellness are:

  • Child allergies (20 allergens)

  • Food (34 allergens)

  • Inhalant (31 allergens)

  • Full screening (53 allergens)

Reports can be completely customised for laboratories and clinics carrying their logos, backgrounds, text modifications. Reports can be translated and issued in multiple languages. After customisation work by LabToWellness the reports will be delivered completely automatically as .pdf reports. Lab results could be inputted by file upload or via integration with existing IT-platforms. Report files downloaded by labs/clinics admin and shared with the patients.

More information about LabToWellness allergy testing reports for patients becomes soon available on LabToWellness website

Allergy laboratory testing patient reports