Benefits of LabToWellness patient reports for laboratories, clinics and wellness institutions

LabToWellness has delivered more than one million reports in 16 countries worldwide. The feedback has been very positive from patients as well as from the institutional customers LabToWellness is serving. Laboratory testing reports and health audit reports are serving multiple purposes from increasing the level of innovation up until reducing the doctors time required for reporting. Here are some of the benefits LabToWellness customers have highlighted: 

  • Clients appreciate visualised reports. Having the patient reports shows that clinic or laboratory really cares about the customers and appreciates their willingness to learn as much as they can about their health/wellness. This increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, referrals of the great service to friends and family. 

  • Easy-to-read information about the tests ensures that consumers understand the implications of the test results. Controlled content also avoids complicated conclusions that the customers may make by using Google search and unverified information sources. This increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, referrals of the great service to friends and family. 

  • Visually appealing patient reports are good for marketing materials. Presenting laboratory reports or health checkup reports them in advertisements delivers better understanding about the outcome of the services to consumers.

  • LabToWellness reports allow unified customer experience across branches. For larger multiregional institutions the patient reports ensure that clients will receive the same service independent of the region or country they are in.  Presenting the information in the similar looking reports allows better centralisation of service development. Doing it in a centralised way also reduces the costs required to work on reporting in individual countries. 

  • Personalised recommendations for associated services inside the LTW reports increases revenue. Algorithm based recommendations that are based on  the results and other factors (age, gender) increase the chance of people selecting the right service and convince them about the usefulness to manage their long-term wellness. 

  • Automatic generation of the health checkup reports reduces specialists time and they can spend the time talking to more patients. 

  • Well-structured and visual rich reports serve as a good tool for doctors during the consultation. Using the graphs inside the reports specialists can better explain the implications of individual laboratory tests, health examinations or risk calculations.

  • Clients can monitor their test results over time with timeline graphs. Presenting history of previous results in visually appealing graphs gives them an incentive to come back for more testing. 

Patient reports for allergy laboratory tests

LabToWellness has developed a new type of laboratory allergy testing reports containing colorful visualisations, easy-to-understand explanations and personalised selection of most relevant content only.

Allergies and related diseases including asthma, rhinosinusitis, atopic dermatitis and life threatening food, drug, and insect allergies affect at least 30% of the people and nearly 80% of families. Their prevalence has been increasing globally for the last 50 years.

Educating the patients and their families on topics related to allergies is very important in controlling the disease. 

Allergy testing is usually done in panels since it is possible to tell by the symptoms if the person has likely a food or inhalant allergy, but quite difficult to pinpoint the specific allergen. When the test results come back positive for some allergens, there is a lot of information that is related to the results that should be given to patient. 

LabToWellness team has developed special reports for laboratory tests based allergy testing. Currently there are texts and visuals available for 92 different allergens and 11 groups (dust, pollen, food, venom, animal protein, microorganism, seafood, nut, milk, latex). Custom collections can easily be developed based on existing packages offered by laboratories and clinics

In LabToWellness allergy reports we display the relevant information based on the laboratory test results. Additional pages for lifestyle recommendations appear in the report giving tips on how to identify the triggers of allergic reactions and how to avoid those triggers. For each allergen inside the patient reports there are listed the possible substances that may also trigger allergic reactions and should be avoided or approached carefully. Possible related allergens will be introduced.

With LabToWellness allergy test reports the patients will have the relevant information in easy-to-read format with colorful icons always at hand. All reports can be customised with logos, backgrounds, doctors notes and many more. 

You can read more also from here For additional information please contact LabToWellness - or via contact form.

Delivering patient reports for laboratory packages and health audits becomes flexible

LabToWellness team has been working on improving the complex technology behind the reporting of health and wellness information.

Starting from October LabToWellness introduces a new flexible way of delivering beautiful reports. During the setup process customer will confirm or modify the content related to all analyses (tests, measurements, questions) that are possibly present in the services to be reported. Once the texts are confirmed all these laboratory tests and health examinations can be reported in random combinations. This enables to launch tens or hundreds of laboratory packages and series of health audit or occupational health audit reports without the need for extra setup. We will still have the option of having special content or custom pages, if needed.

LabToWellness team is very excited about this new functionality that brings the access to patient health reports to many more clinics, laboratories, health centers.

If you are interested in turning your existing reports into beautiful patient focused reports please get in contact with LabToWellness team - Our team would be happy to assist you with further details.

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