Your laboratory test or health checkup reports in native languages

LabToWellness has from the very beginning made it possible to deliver health reports in multiple languages. Usually the development work starts in English language. After the first version is ready, validated and approved, all content can be easily extracted for translation. Special file format allows the translation by our customers or submitted to translation agency. After the translation the same file can be uploaded back to LabToWellness system.

Our customers have received very positive feedback from their patients/customers for the reports in their native language. Reading the reports in their own language enabled better interaction with the content inside the report. This has increased the overall customer satisfaction with the laboratories, clinics and pharmacies.

Selecting the language is just one-button process. Since the reports have been validated, the operator does not have to understand the report delivered in patients native language. There is always a possibility to generate the same report in multiple languages.

LabToWellnes cares that the final users of the reports will get the best possible experience and enhance their health through better understanding the current situation. This is why we always insist that the reports will be available in as many languages as possible. This is especially useful for laboratories and clinics that have branches in multiple countries, operate in multi-lingual areas or offer services to people from other countries (medical tourism).

LabToWellness laboratory testing report in Arabic

LabToWellness laboratory testing report in Arabic