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Delivering patient reports for laboratory packages and health audits becomes flexible

LabToWellness team has been working on improving the complex technology behind the reporting of health and wellness information.

Starting from October LabToWellness introduces a new flexible way of delivering beautiful reports. During the setup process customer will confirm or modify the content related to all analyses (tests, measurements, questions) that are possibly present in the services to be reported. Once the texts are confirmed all these laboratory tests and health examinations can be reported in random combinations. This enables to launch tens or hundreds of laboratory packages and series of health audit or occupational health audit reports without the need for extra setup. We will still have the option of having special content or custom pages, if needed.

LabToWellness team is very excited about this new functionality that brings the access to patient health reports to many more clinics, laboratories, health centers.

If you are interested in turning your existing reports into beautiful patient focused reports please get in contact with LabToWellness team - Our team would be happy to assist you with further details.

LabToWellness patient focused laboratory reports.jpg
Personalised recommendations for associated services and products

Customers and patients are always looking for next steps and actions according to the feedback. They appreciate reading lifestyle recommendations such as dietary advice or personalised tips for better fitness. Some clinics and laboratories have a great number of additional services that may be useful for customers/patients. These can be thematic laboratory packages, specialist consultations or any other examinations. Although all the information is present in their website, the customers/patients might not be able to find the right services for them and a direct personalised recommendation is more effective.

LabToWellness reports have special templates that allow presenting a list of useful services to customers/patients. Those services can be selected based on the outcome of laboratory tests, examinations, questionnaires or patient age and gender. The logic when to recommend which services or products will be decided by laboratories, clinics or pharmacies.

Presenting associated services and products inside the report that are based on actual measurements is more convincing than just adding a large catalogue or directing consumers to explore the website. It shows that the service provider cares about the long-term wellness of their customers/patients.

Your laboratory test or health checkup reports in native languages

LabToWellness has from the very beginning made it possible to deliver health reports in multiple languages. Usually the development work starts in English language. After the first version is ready, validated and approved, all content can be easily extracted for translation. Special file format allows the translation by our customers or submitted to translation agency. After the translation the same file can be uploaded back to LabToWellness system.

Our customers have received very positive feedback from their patients/customers for the reports in their native language. Reading the reports in their own language enabled better interaction with the content inside the report. This has increased the overall customer satisfaction with the laboratories, clinics and pharmacies.

Selecting the language is just one-button process. Since the reports have been validated, the operator does not have to understand the report delivered in patients native language. There is always a possibility to generate the same report in multiple languages.

LabToWellnes cares that the final users of the reports will get the best possible experience and enhance their health through better understanding the current situation. This is why we always insist that the reports will be available in as many languages as possible. This is especially useful for laboratories and clinics that have branches in multiple countries, operate in multi-lingual areas or offer services to people from other countries (medical tourism).

LabToWellness laboratory testing report in Arabic

LabToWellness laboratory testing report in Arabic

Launch your vitamin testing with these templates

LabToWellness starts the year of 2019 with a new laboratory report template - Vitamin deficiency report. The report is designed to be used by laboratories that offer vitamin level testing. Currently the report includes page templates for 10 main Vitamins - Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, D, FAD and Folic acid. The report delivers the test result in a beautiful green-yellow-red graph. It also provides information, where in the body the vitamin is needed and what can happen if one has too little or too much of the vitamin. There is a special Where to get section in the report with some examples of real foods that contain the recommended daily amount of the vitamin. Illustration and icons make the information easy-to-understand.

Report can include all ten vitamins or any smaller combination of the vitamins.

All pages can be customised with logos, modified headers/footers and background. Texts developed by LabToWellness can be modified by the customer. Reports can be translated into multiple languages.