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Launch your vitamin testing with these templates

LabToWellness starts the year of 2019 with a new laboratory report template - Vitamin deficiency report. The report is designed to be used by laboratories that offer vitamin level testing. Currently the report includes page templates for 10 main Vitamins - Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, D, FAD and Folic acid. The report delivers the test result in a beautiful green-yellow-red graph. It also provides information, where in the body the vitamin is needed and what can happen if one has too little or too much of the vitamin. There is a special Where to get section in the report with some examples of real foods that contain the recommended daily amount of the vitamin. Illustration and icons make the information easy-to-understand.

Report can include all ten vitamins or any smaller combination of the vitamins.

All pages can be customised with logos, modified headers/footers and background. Texts developed by LabToWellness can be modified by the customer. Reports can be translated into multiple languages.