LabToWellness patient reporting platform can be integrated with existing IT system or used from secure web-based portal

Patient focused reports for laboratory testing panels, health checkups and other wellness services can be delivered from LabToWellness platform within seconds. We have decided to use .pdf file with beautiful visuals and easy-to-read content as a report. This file format is universal, can be consumed in computers, tablets and smartphones without compromising its design.

In order to generate the patient reports, the laboratory test results, medical examination results and other measurements must be entered into the LabToWellness reporting platform. There are two options to get the info into LabToWellness for reporting:

  • integration with existing IT-system. LabToWellness has a simple API-protocol to build integrations with patient info management systems, laboratory IT-platforms, clinic IT-systems. This is the easiest to use and recommended use of patient focused reporting platform, especially for bigger clinics and laboratories. This allows to order and received reports right inside the existing IT-platform.
  • manual data entry with custom file input. LabToWellness system can be accessed securely in web-browser to manually create a new patient report. In case some of the required information is available as electronic files (xml, txt. xls, …) LabToWellness team ca adjust the input engine to accept the format. After uploading the file LabToWellness system automatically extracts the required data and inputs it to the correct data fields for further processing.

The full integration is the preferred method of using the system but LabToWellness also has many smaller clinics that are successfully using manual entry of info. Usually it takes just couple of minutes to type in the values and upload some info as a file. The beautiful patient report that comes out from the LabToWellness system has proven to be well worth the effort.

LabToWellness also started to offer an option to take care of manual entry for its customers as an add-on service. This is especially useful for customers who do not have all the info in electronic format. LabToWellness team is highly experienced to extract info quickly also from multiple submitted files per patient and create a ready-to-use beautiful report.

We will always find the best and optimal way for clinics, laboratories, wellness centers to enable access to the beautiful patient reports for their laboratory test packages, health audits, occupational health checkups and other wellness services.