What we do

Your laboratory, health and wellness reports transformed to beautiful and personalised patient or consumer reports. Reports will be automatically generated in seconds.


Design of the custom health and wellness reports

LabToWellness transforms existing health and wellness  service reports to new visual intensive and easy-to-read personalised report for patients/consumers. Services can be  laboratory test packages, health checkups, occupational health checkups, pharmacy services, DNA testing. LabToWellness develops a patient report design to visualise, explain, interpret, propose personalised recommendations.  Reports will present exactly the tests, measurements and questionnaires that are a part of existing service. LabToWellness offers texts to explain the analysis, summarised interpretations and personalised recommendations to be used inside the report. General design will be customised with customer specific logos, backgrounds to match with the rest of the corporate visuals.

IT platform for automatic delivery of the reports.

LabToWellness platform is secure internet-based solution for automatic patient/consumer focused health and wellness report generation. Reporting system can be accessed completely manually via internet-browser or integrated with existing inhouse IT-system. Laboratory results, health examinations, questionnaire results can be typed in, uploaded from a file or delivered via integration. Reports can be downloaded for the delivery to patients/consumers or sent directly from the LabToWellness platform.