Features Overview

LabToWellness technology has been developed to be highly customisable for the laboratories, clinics, pharmacies and other wellness oriented institutions. New features are added also based on actual needs from LabToWellness customers. Here are just a few highlighted features - for more information please contact LabToWellness.



LabToWellness technology enables visualisation of individual laboratory tests, DNA test results, results from medical testing, antropometrical measurements, questionnaire results, etc. Visualisation could be applied for individual parameters or combinations of multiple tests, analysis.


Multiple languages

Contents of the report can be in multiple languages. One can easily add additional languages later, including languages written in Asian, Arabic and other non-Latin characters.


Easy integrations

Report generation could be completely automated based on API based integration with existing IT-system.


Individual  or combinations of parameters could be interpreted taking into account specifics of a particular patient (age, gender, etc.).  

Risk calculations based on various parameters could be introduced to the reports.


Client specific look

Reports will be designed to contain customer specific graphical elements - logos, background, colours, headers, footers.

Layout of the report could be further slightly modified for LabToWellness customer's corporate partners 


Personalized dietary, fitness and other wellness recommendations can be displayed based on individual or multiple parameters.

Recommendations for additional related services or products could be personalised based on existing results.


Content for the reports

LabToWellness has produced texts, collected recommendations, has algorithms for interpretations, visuals for parameters. Content has been acquired from trustworthy sources and rewritten from the patient perspective. Some of the content is already in multiple languages.