Template pages for reports

LabToWellness team is developing page templates for various applications from standard laboratory test template up to complex risk analysis and DNA test analysis. Those templates could be combined based on the customer needs. Additional custom templates could be developed based on the specific requirements.

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Standard laboratory test page

Pne page could accommodate up to six tests with graph, result, reference values and text. Patient oriented text describes in simple wording the test. Simple interpretation of the test could be as well added. 


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Various measurements

Simple measurements such as blood pressure, various anthropometrical measurements (height, weight), BMI, etc. Visualisations, descriptions and personalised recommendations could be included on the page. 

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Recommendations of services

Recommendations of additional services, individual laboratory tests, laboratory test panels could be personalised based on individual tests or combinations of tests. 

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Specific laboratory tests

Some laboratory tests require special design, including custom visualisations and texts. Antibiotic resistance, food tolerance and other applications have their own report template pages. 

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Summary for the lab tests

Summary is a meant to be used as a first page before the individual lab-test pages. User can see which tests are out of normal and could inside pdf easily navigate to the right page. Summary could include as well recommendations for additional services related to taken test results.

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Medical examinations

Complex medical examinations could be simplified down to normal/abnormal or share more in-depth results with graphical visualisation and descriptions. In case of abnormal value recommendation to discuss the result with a medical professional appears. 

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Individual measurements

Quick-tests, simple individual measurements, questionnaires could be visualised, interpreted on single-page reports accompanied by additional reading and personalised recommendations

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DNA test reports

Genetic test reports can be visualised, additional information about the factors related to the risk displayed, various recommendations personalised.  


Multiple measurements

LabToWellness technology could be used to visualise currently up to five past results for one single test, questionnaire or measurement.



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Algorithm based calculations

Risk assessments or other calculations  based on algorithms could be introduced with graphical visualisation and descriptions. Recommendations could be personalised based on combination of various factors (age, risk level, gender, BMI, etc.).

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Product recommendations

Products or services could be recommended based on the risk score or based on individual parameters included in the report (questions, measurements). LabToWellness builds a custom database of products for every customer including photos and descriptions.