Patient reports for heart disease risk calculations

LabToWellness team has developed a number of different specific reports that can be used separately or added for instance to the health audit reports. One of them is a cardiovascular disease assessment report.

In the center of the report is the risk calculation with a beautiful graph. There are two pre-programmed risk calculation algorithms available – SCORE and Framingham. SCORE risk charts are a tool developed and promoted by European Society of Cardiology. Framingham Risk Score has been developed and tested in the USA and has been applied as a primary cardiovascular disease risk assessment tool all over the world.

The heart disease risk report highlights the main risk factors with green and red indicators, based on the questionnaire and test results. Early detection of the symptoms is critical, so there is a list of main symptoms on the report page.

This patient report can be further personalised by introducing algorithm driven lifestyle recommendations.

Labtowellness heart disease risk assessmnet report for health audits.

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