Benefits of LabToWellness patient reports for laboratories, clinics and wellness institutions

LabToWellness has delivered more than one million reports in 16 countries worldwide. The feedback has been very positive from patients as well as from the institutional customers LabToWellness is serving. Laboratory testing reports and health audit reports are serving multiple purposes from increasing the level of innovation up until reducing the doctors time required for reporting. Here are some of the benefits LabToWellness customers have highlighted: 

  • Clients appreciate visualised reports. Having the patient reports shows that clinic or laboratory really cares about the customers and appreciates their willingness to learn as much as they can about their health/wellness. This increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, referrals of the great service to friends and family. 

  • Easy-to-read information about the tests ensures that consumers understand the implications of the test results. Controlled content also avoids complicated conclusions that the customers may make by using Google search and unverified information sources. This increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, referrals of the great service to friends and family. 

  • Visually appealing patient reports are good for marketing materials. Presenting laboratory reports or health checkup reports them in advertisements delivers better understanding about the outcome of the services to consumers.

  • LabToWellness reports allow unified customer experience across branches. For larger multiregional institutions the patient reports ensure that clients will receive the same service independent of the region or country they are in.  Presenting the information in the similar looking reports allows better centralisation of service development. Doing it in a centralised way also reduces the costs required to work on reporting in individual countries. 

  • Personalised recommendations for associated services inside the LTW reports increases revenue. Algorithm based recommendations that are based on  the results and other factors (age, gender) increase the chance of people selecting the right service and convince them about the usefulness to manage their long-term wellness. 

  • Automatic generation of the health checkup reports reduces specialists time and they can spend the time talking to more patients. 

  • Well-structured and visual rich reports serve as a good tool for doctors during the consultation. Using the graphs inside the reports specialists can better explain the implications of individual laboratory tests, health examinations or risk calculations.

  • Clients can monitor their test results over time with timeline graphs. Presenting history of previous results in visually appealing graphs gives them an incentive to come back for more testing. 

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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