Delivering patient reports for laboratory packages and health audits becomes flexible

LabToWellness team has been working on improving the complex technology behind the reporting of health and wellness information.

Starting from October LabToWellness introduces a new flexible way of delivering beautiful reports. During the setup process customer will confirm or modify the content related to all analyses (tests, measurements, questions) that are possibly present in the services to be reported. Once the texts are confirmed all these laboratory tests and health examinations can be reported in random combinations. This enables to launch tens or hundreds of laboratory packages and series of health audit or occupational health audit reports without the need for extra setup. We will still have the option of having special content or custom pages, if needed.

LabToWellness team is very excited about this new functionality that brings the access to patient health reports to many more clinics, laboratories, health centers.

If you are interested in turning your existing reports into beautiful patient focused reports please get in contact with LabToWellness team - Our team would be happy to assist you with further details.

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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