Easy-to-read texts inside the reports are an integral part of LabToWellness patient reports

An integral part of LabToWellness report experience are the texts displayed inside the reports. From the very beginning we have been focusing on easy-to-read content that should be engaging and actionable. For laboratory test reports, health audit reports or any other wellness reports the texts are written for the reader without complicated scientific and technical details. 

Having reader-focused texts approved by doctors inside the reports helps to prevent people browsing through the internet for information and using unreliable sources. This avoids confusion, wrong conclusions and visits to doctors to discuss those risen fears. 

All texts are written by LabToWellness team without initial input from medical professionals. This ensures that the content does not include hard to understand terms, abbreviations and other unnecessary complexity. Facts used inside those texts however are based on well validated sources such as laboratory manuals, databases of various medical and patient associations,  patient resources of clinics, governmental guidelines, WHO materials. 


Although the LabToWellness team is experienced in extracting the right information from various sources, all texts have been read through and verified by medical professionals.

Just two examples of texts:

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a general inflammation marker. It is released into the bloodstream within a few hours after tissue injury, the start of an infection or other cause of inflammation. After the inflammation is gone, CRP goes down fast.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart by visualizing it as waves. From ECG image the doctor can see the rate and regularity of the heartbeats, also the size and position of the chambers. ECG can detect the presence of heart damage and arrythmias.

Currently LabToWellness team has written easy-to-read descriptions for more than 200 laboratory tests, health examinations and other measurements. More content will be constantly added. There are lifestyle, diet, fitness recommendations available for various risk scenarios or abnormal results.

During the setup of the service with a new clinic, laboratory, wellness center LabToWellness shares the texts and other content to be used inside the report. Professionals always have the possibility to make modifications to those texts if necessary.

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