LabToWellness platform 2.0 now LIVE

We are happy to announce that a major upgrade to LabToWellness platform has been completed and is now fully operational. As we already explained in our earlier news post the main feature of the updated platform is the flexibility to report any combination of laboratory tests and health examinations while still maintaining the beautiful design.

On-boarding of a new customer includes setting up all the laboratory tests, health examinations and questionnaires that may be included in the reports. The customer confirms all prewritten content (including translations), we apply the customer specific design for the report pages and everything will be ready for use. Reports may contain any combinations of the predefined tests and examinations. Beautiful reports will be issued from LabToWellness platform just in a few seconds.

This new system allows laboratories and clinics to add on-demand tests to the standard packages or remove some tests, if not wanted by the patient. Standard health checkups can now be easily adjusted by removing or adding examinations.

For more information please contact LabToWellness team by email

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