Personalised recommendations for associated services and products

Customers and patients are always looking for next steps and actions according to the feedback. They appreciate reading lifestyle recommendations such as dietary advice or personalised tips for better fitness. Some clinics and laboratories have a great number of additional services that may be useful for customers/patients. These can be thematic laboratory packages, specialist consultations or any other examinations. Although all the information is present in their website, the customers/patients might not be able to find the right services for them and a direct personalised recommendation is more effective.

LabToWellness reports have special templates that allow presenting a list of useful services to customers/patients. Those services can be selected based on the outcome of laboratory tests, examinations, questionnaires or patient age and gender. The logic when to recommend which services or products will be decided by laboratories, clinics or pharmacies.

Presenting associated services and products inside the report that are based on actual measurements is more convincing than just adding a large catalogue or directing consumers to explore the website. It shows that the service provider cares about the long-term wellness of their customers/patients.

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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