Predesigned backgrounds to speed up setup of new patient focused health and laboratory reports

LabToWellness continus to simplify the setup of new customers. Last year we introduced a set of standard page designs that can be customised with logo and custom background. In addition LabToWellness has available patient/consumer friendly texts for hundreds of laboratory tests and medical analysis.

Based on the feedback from the customers the next step was to work on a selection of predesigned backgrounds and coverpages. Having those already available reduces the time required to get the automatic patient focused reporting up and running. The customer selects the design and LabToWellness team adjusts the colorscheme to match with the color(s) of customer's logo and visual identity. Compared to the completely custom design development it reduces the setup by several days and also reduces the customisation budget for the customer.

Backgrounds can be changed easily in the future in case further customisation is required. Various reports for one customer can have different backgrounds. An extra option that LabToWellness offers is to customise the report look for B2B partners of our customers. This might mean selecting different background, replacing the logo as well as slight variations inside the report content.

LabToWellness keeps developing new background options based on the feedback from its customers.

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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