Report preview functionality for quick access to review the patient focused wellness reports

LabToWellness is launching a new, highly requested feature – report preview right inside the browser window. 

During the report generation algorithms are automatically doing various calculations to combine tests results, measurement results, questionnaire results. Since the report from LabToWellness platform is issued in versatile pdf format, until now in order to see the outcomes of these calculations, an actual pdf had to be generated that usually takes around 10-15 seconds. In case the operator of the reporting made any changes the pdf report had to be generated again to check the outcome of these changes. Now the changes can be seen almost in realtime in a separate window, which makes the use of the platform even faster and more convenient. 

Some of the reports contain a special section called doctor’s notes right inside the report. Professionals who are writing these notes like to simultaneously consult the report and now that can be done as well way more conveniently.

The LabToWellness team is continuing to develop this report preview feature and many more useful features to make the report generation faster and more automated. Several projects are underway to be launched next year.

Report preview window on the right alongside with the main LabToWellness portal window on the left