LabToWellness offers various templates to visualise laboratory test packages. Reports can be used for general or specific packages with any number of tests. There are short easy-to-read consumer focused texts available for more than 200 most popular tests and new texts can be written by the LabToWellness content creation team as needed.

Summary page template is available especially for larger panels to highlight for the consumer the tests that are out of normal range and advised to explore in details. The summary page also acts as a table of contents as all test names are linked with more detailed test info in the following report pages.

General report template contains up to 8 tests per page and includes colourful green-yellow-red graphs and short static descriptions of the tests. The test descriptions can be replaced with dynamic interpretation texts that change according to the test results. Customer specific reference values and units for the tests are used.

Medical professional page template is a functional table that includes results, units, reference values and small colourful green-yellow dot to highlight the results that are out of reference range. Result graphs similar to the General report template pages can be included.

Short report page template is developed to deliver all information for patients/consumers on a single page. Page contains green-yellow-red graphs, results with units and reference ranges. Tests can be grouped.

‚ÄčAll pages can be customised with logos, modified headers/footers, title colours and backgrounds. Additional page templates can be custom developed. Texts developed by LabToWellness can be modified by the customer. Reports can be translated into multiple languages.