LabToWellness has developed a new type of laboratory allergy testing reports containing colorful visualisations, easy-to-understand explanations and personalised selection of most relevant content only.

Currently there are texts and visuals available for 92 different allergens and 11 groups (dust, pollen, food, venom, animal protein, microorganism, seafood, nut, milk, latex). Custom collections can easily be developed based on existing packages offered by laboratories/clinics.

The existing panels available from LabToWellness are:

  • Child allergies (20 allergens)
  • Food (34 allergens)
  • Inhalant (31 allergens)
  • Full screening (53 allergens)

Allergy report template developed by LabToWellness consists of multiple page templates that can be selected for the final report.

About allergies page template. Static page that describes briefly in an easy to understand language what are allergies. There is a section that presents the reader with most common allergy symptoms as well as highlights when to seek immediate help from healthcare institution. There is also a section that explains how to understand the allergy laboratory testing results.

Test results page template. This is the main page template to present the actual testing results. Various allergens are grouped together. On a graph allergens probabilities (classes) are presented in six level visual.

Living with allergy page template. This page highlights based on the testing results the allergens one has to be careful with and the allergens certainly to avoid. The page includes easy to read practical information how to identify the triggers. Special section includes tips how to avoid triggers. There is a specific page for each allergen group (food, pollen, dust etc) with relevant information.

Your allergenes page template. This page template includes allergens that have positive lab value (higher than 0.35 meaning that have class/probability 1). Each allergen has a short description. One section highlights which products one should avoid and other section which products one should be careful with.

Laboratories and clinics can choose for the report the set of allergens they are testing

‚ÄčAll pages can be customised with logos, modified headers/footers, title colours and background. Additional page templates can be custom developed. Texts developed by LabToWellness can be modified by the customer. Reports can be translated to multiple languages.