Beautiful health and wellness reports

We design, create content and customize reports for any of your services. Reports will be delivered to you just in seconds from our secure cloud-based IT-platform.

What We Do?

We design and customise reports for your needs to be delivered just in seconds


Professional Design

Reports for your existing or new services. Ready-to-use reports. Your branding across the report. Completely custom design development.


Customizable Content

Consumer focused texts and illustrations are available for hundreds of tests and measurements. New content to match your needs can be developed.


API Integrations

Powerful and secure cloud-based reporting platform. Reports delivered in seconds. Integration with existing IT-platforms.

Beautiful reports

We have an increasing number of report designs with content available for immediate use

Main features

Growing number of features to support innovation and automatisation


Visualisation of results

Any test, measurement and questionnaire displayed on a colorful graph. Multiple readings compared on a single graph.


Algorithm driven interpretation

Short explanations of what the results mean can be included. Various results can be combined to one interpretation.


Personalised lifestyle recommendations

Sophisticated algorithm based lifestyle, diet, fitness recommendations to highlight next steps.


Reports in multiple languages

Report content can be translated into any language. Slight cultural modifications of content and recommendations.


Product and service recommendations

Personalised catalogue with products and associated services based on combination of results.


Secure IT platform

Reporting can be operated via web browser or integrated to the existing IT system for maximum automatisation.

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 Lets discuss how our expertise and technology can be beneficial to elevate your services, build automation to the reporting workflow or bring new services to your organisation.