LabToWellness is a cloud-based service for laboratories, clinics and healthcare institutions to simplify and visualise health and wellness assessment results and deliver beautiful recommendation-driven reports to patients with the goal of enhancing their wellness. 

LabToWellness is a team of wellness enthusiasts, scientists, designers and IT-engineers. We work passionately towards making the health and wellness information delivered from laboratories, clinics, pharmacies and wellness centers easier to understand and more engaging for patients and wellness oriented people. 


We provide design and patient focused content for the reports and feature rich secure IT-platform for automatic reporting. Our customers are laboratories, clinics, wellness centers, pharmacies. 


Our team has eight years of experience delivering reports for the following services: laboratory packages, health audits, occupational health audits, chronic disease management, various pharmacy services, DNA tests, microbiome testing. 


Reports contain visualisations and texts for laboratory tests, health examinations, questionnaires or data from monitoring devices. Content provided by LabToWellness has been written specifically for patients with easy-to-read language. Reports can also include sophisticated algorithm driven interpretations and risk calculations. Recommendations can be personalised based on test and examination results, age, gender, lifestyle or other known parameters,  individual or combinations of them. 


Most of our customers already have services and basic reports available. For them LabToWellness team develops new more visual reports by customising the existing and tested designs. For some customers LabToWellness has developed new, more digital oriented preventive medicine services by helping to select the examinations, designing the reports and the processes how to implement the whole service. 


Once the reports have been designed and implemented for automatic generation to LabToWellness platform, they can be accessed manually or via integration with existing IT-systems. 

More than 1 million patients all around the globe have received reports developed by LabToWellness and issued from the platform. Some of the countries LabToWellness has laboratories, clinics, pharmacies as customers are Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Latvia, Estonia.

Patient reports for your laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, wellness center
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