About LabToWellness

LabToWellness is a cloud-based service for laboratories and healthcare institutions to simplify and visualise health and wellness assessment results and deliver recommendation-driven reports to patients with the goal of enhancing their wellness. 

Labtowellness laboratory results reporting service.png

The solution provides healthcare professionals the option to set-up new consumer focused health & wellness reports for health checkups, weight management and other wellness services. LabToWellness also offer an increasing number of already designed reports to be adopted by clinics and laboratories.

Blood work, genomic tests, functional parameters, health questionnaires can be visualised. Simplified interpretations of individual or grouped parameters trigger texts, images or graphs. Personalised recommendations for lifestyle, products and additional associated services are based on interpretations. The platform supports reports in multiple languages, physician and patient versions. Secure web-based platform enables easy management of patient orders.

Laboratory and health data can be input manually, upload or via standards based integration with existing IT-systems. Data security protocols and other health IT related requirements are built in.

LabToWellness team consists of specialists (geneticists, designers, lab doctors, IT-specialists) offering their expertise during the report template design, content development and implementation of the new reports.

Customers from Sweden, Finland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia include private practices, private clinics, public clinics, laboratories have automatically delivered thousands of reports.