About LabToWellness

LabToWellness is a cloud-based service for laboratories and healthcare institutions to simplify and visualise health and wellness assessment results and deliver recommendation-driven reports to patients with the goal of enhancing their wellness. 


LabToWellness is a cloud-based service for laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, other wellness institutions to visualise and simplify health information and deliver recommendation-driven reports to patients.

Beautiful and recommendation rich health & wellness reports can be developed for existing or new health check-ups, laboratory test packages, risk assessments, pharmacy services, DNA analysis and other wellness services.

Blood work, medical examinations, DNA tests, functional parameters, health questionnaires can be visualised. Simplified interpretations of individual or grouped parameters trigger texts, images or graphs. Personalised recommendations for lifestyle, products and additional associated services are based on interpretations.

LabToWellness team develops the new reports, provides texts and visuals and a cloud-based IT-solution to automatically deliver the reports in seconds. IT-system can be used via web or integrated with existing IT-system.

More than 1 million reports have been delivered and over 350 report templates developed for customers from Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Egypt, Russia, Latvia, Estonia.